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I had lost track of this list a while back, but thanks to the idiots at Brady Campaign, I've located it again. :)

A New Addition to the site.... NRA Members' Councils of California Official updates!
Join the National Rifle Association! HERE (Official Link 8/23/2007 - Finally after many years they have a good staffer)
Liberty Membership's ($10 - No Magazine) make great gifts and increase NRA clout by increasing the number of voters represented.
OK, I've had to explain this a number of times... It doesn't matter what you think of the NRA. They are the most powerful organization for preserving our rights. Clout and influence where it counts is a factor of the number of members you have. By increasing membership numbers, we increase the NRA's clout. EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE OR ARE UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING THE NRA DID OR DID NOT DO, SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIPS AND GIVE THEM AS GIFTS. If you are really committed and want to make a difference in the NRA, the only way is from the inside. That means a Life membership or 5 consecutive years for voting rights.
Remember, everyone at the NRA is fundamentally on the same side. Picking fights you can win and compromises is a matter of politics. Nothing is preventing you from joining, and I encourage you to join, all the other pro-rights groups that are more litigious and active, but DON'T forget that the NRA is the primary line of defense and path to recovery of our rights. 

If you are a  PATRIOT, JOIN THE NRA.
If you believe in the US Constitution, JOIN THE NRA
If you want your rights back, even if you don't know you've lost them, JOIN THE NRA


Visit the official Glock Website at http://www.Glock.com/
Check out the Glock 20 at Glock's web site
Check out the three integrated safeties in the Glock design at "Safe Action" now a part of the "Glock Advantage"

Please Join me in wishing Michael Schrader a big fat "XXX XXX XXXX!" - wow, that was from a while back :-O - he's still a jerk.

a real ethical enigma (or is that enema)

Read my email to Tom Campbell pointing out the stupidity of his position on the second amendment.

Here is a list of organizations every patriot should be a member of:

http://www.nra.com   Join or Renew your membership through The Official Site (add Link)
http://www.crpa.com     Reprints from their publication THE FIRING LINE

In addition, here is a list of sites every patriot should visit - most have email lists.

http://www.gunfacts.info/  - Gun Facts Booklet page with tons of good information 




Gun Show Sites:

Good sites for supplies and information:
http://www.cole-distributing.com ammo
http://www.midwayusa.com     lots of gun related things. no shipping charges. BIG NRA-ILA SUPPORTER
http://www.Cabelas.com         Hunting, gun related, no real firearms, OK prices, nice color catalog.

In the market for good guns at good prices? Check out these vendors:

CA Shooting Ranges:
http://www.WhereToShoot.org - Shooting and Hunting locations nationwide provided by shooting sports foundation.
Santa Clara County Field Sports Park
- 408.463.0769 - Trap (6 fields, 4 dual use w/ skeet, wobble trap available, doubles by reservation), Skeet - Usually set up with two trap, 2 skeet on weekends. Rifle and Pistol range too 408.463.0652 - Malech Road, San Jose, CA
San Leandro Rifle and Pistol Range - 14 50' indoor lanes, multiple outdoor lanes, $10 adult, special rates for juniors, seniors and officers. Memberships available.
Coyote Valley Sporting Clays -  Trap (1 field - pull your own), Skeet (1 - Standard, 1 - International), 5-Stand, Sporting Clays, Mountain Course

Ammo Sources:

If you have suggestions, including links to sites with features you like, please send them to me so that I can appraise them and improve this site.

mailto: Site Suggestions 2007 at Glock20 dot com - remove spaces and translate at to @ and dot to .

My initial plan is to make a site where people can post photos, have conversations, and customize their own views of the site. most of this stuff is available through http://photo.net if you want an idea of what I'm looking at.

I intend to allow those of us who don't want their info in the public domain to post anonymously, and if for some reason I can't get it to work or people abuse it and I can't make it happen, I will let you know by putting a warning in the posting procedure.

The primary subject matters I'm considering are initially:

  1. Glock's (of course)
  2. Glock 20 Specifically
  3. Other automatic pistols
  4. High Precision Rifles
  5. General Use Rifles
  6. Shotguns
  7. 2nd Amendment issues
  8. 2nd Amendment preservation tactics
  9. Firearm Training
  10. Tactical Training discussions